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  1. Chemistry

    Chemist tackles complex problems with simplicity

    Harvard chemist George Whitesides applies his unique problem-solving philosophy to creating new diagnostic devices for the developing world.

  2. Tech

    Solar cell powers water-to-hydrogen conversion

    High efficiency could make perovskite solar cells useful for generating environmentally friendly fuel.

  3. Tech

    Hydrogen made using sunlight, cheap materials

    Photosynthesis-inspired fuel cell uses water to make hydrogen gas and could feature in next-generation cars.

  4. Chemistry

    Liquid salts break through armored bacteria on skin

    Compounds called ionic liquids can penetrate bacterial biofilms on skin to deliver antibiotics to potentially life-threatening infections.

  5. Environment

    Plastic goes missing at sea

    A survey of the world’s oceans finds far less polymer trash than expected, and researchers don’t know where the rest of the plastic is.

  6. Science & Society

    Outgoing congressman Rush Holt calls scientists to action

    The New Jersey physicist has decided not to run for re-election but is a proponent of scientists in office.

  7. Tech

    Creature power

    Biological fuel cells that generate electricity by harnessing sugars and oxygen in the body may one day power implanted devices in humans and other animals.

  8. Life

    To cook up life, just add citrate

    The theory that RNA spawned the first organisms gets a boost from a common compound.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Fractals can catch cancer

    Analyzing shapes of cell borders may prove useful in cancer diagnosis.