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  1. Neuroscience

    Another look at paralysis

    Robotic suits help paralyzed people move, but simple behavior changes may prevent the accidents that cause the injuries.

  2. Microbes

    Microbes help hyenas send status updates

    Bacteria in the animals’ waste give off fumes that let passersby know who has been there before.

  3. Paleontology

    Oldest known T. Rex relative found in Utah

    Researchers say the animal — named the gore king of the southwest — was an early member of the tyrannosaur family.

  4. Science & Society


    Our redesigned cover and the astronomy stories from the Oct. 19 issue get readers' reviews.

  5. Psychology

    Male version of eating disorder replaces purging with muscle enhancers

    Physique concerns can drive young men to take banned substances.

  6. Physics

    New Atomic Accelerator

    This excerpt from the December 14, 1963, issue of Science News Letter talks about how the atom smashers at Argonne National Lab have evolved.

  7. Health & Medicine


    Readers response to seeing sadness’ sunny side.

  8. Planetary Science

    Moon material on Earth

    Scientists now think that tektites are a type of impactite, formed during the rapid heating and cooling of material ejected when a meteorite strikes Earth.

  9. Microbes

    Prairie microbes could aid region’s restoration

    Surveying the bacteria living in the soils of grassland ecosystems may help revive the habitats.

  10. Physics

    Laser tripod may lift mirror

    The levitated reflector could be stable enough to track subtle gravitational forces.

  11. Life

    Bats’ cells evolve to battle MERS

  12. Chemistry

    Solving chemical experiments in cyberspace wins scientists Nobel Prize in chemistry