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  1. Upcoming events

    June 24 Last day to see the Picturing Science exhibit on high-tech imaging at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History. See June 15 The Exploratorium in San Francisco invites visitors to make their own toys at Explorables: Science You Can Play With. See

  2. Letters to the editor

    Fusion reactions It is not true that fusion packs the highest punch of any known energy-generating process (“Ignition failed,” SN: 4/20/13, p. 26). Matter-antimatter annihilation far exceeds it (Star Trek had it right back in the 1960s). I believe that under certain conditions, matter falling into a black hole can also yield more energy than […]

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    SN Online

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    “Draw” body by sound

  5. Physics

    A Palette of Particles by Jeremy Bernstein

  6. Science & Society

    Between Man and Beast

  7. Science & Society

    A Renaissance Globemaker’s Toolbox

  8. Neuroscience

    Pieces of Light

  9. Upcoming events

    May 29 The World Science Festival opens in New York City. Learn more at May 31 Learn about wildflowers at Botany Washington at Seattle’s Burke Museum. See June 2 Get tips on model rocket construction and safety at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. See

  10. SN Online

    GENES & CELLS See a roundup of some of the latest discoveries about China’s H7N9 virus in “ New bird flu claims more victims .” ENVIRONMENT Lake Erie is loaded with tiny pieces of plastic containing toxic pollutants. Read “Puny plastic particles mar Lake Erie’s waters.” HUMANS Male attractiveness relies on a combination of body […]

  11. Whistling noises give news from atmosphere

    The atmosphere whistles while scientists work. Series of whistles — short or long, going up scale or down — keep radio scientists busy deciphering their messages of the density of charged particles in the outer regions of the earth’s atmosphere.… Generated by lightning as it strikes the earth, the radio waves are propagated back and […]

  12. Letters to the editor

    Ethics of humanized mice The recent stories “Human cells rev up mouse brains” (SN: 4/6/13, p. 16) and “Of mice and man” (SN: 3/23/13, p. 22) drove home to me that human-animal hybrids are now reality. In science fiction stories with such hybrids, a big part of the plot is the resultant ethical gray area: […]