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  1. Humans

    Not really nine months

  2. Letters to the editor

    Bohr no boor As described in “When the atom went quantum,” (SN: 7/13/13, p. 20), Bohr’s willingness to travel both paths when different viewpoints seemed to clash, yet both seemed to fit the data, was crucial to the development of quantum mechanics. Yet that willingness cannot be equated with acceptance of all possible views. Having […]

  3. Physics

    Key to Other Worlds

    Excerpt from the August 17, 1963, issue of Science News Letter.

  4. Letters to the editor

    Not-so-smart perception Researchers studying associations between IQ and selected visual tasks (“Less is more for smart perception,” SN: 6/29/13, p. 18) report that tracking small moving foreground objects, a task at which high-IQ subjects excelled, is often more important than detecting large-object motion or attending to background activity. They suggest that for driving or walking […]

  5. Computing

    Forecasting by computer

    Excerpt from the August 10, 1963, issue of Science News Letter.

  6. Genetics

    Chromosome Variations

    Excerpt from the July 27, 1963, issue of Science News Letter

  7. Letters to the editor

    European family ties are knotty I have trouble understanding “Europeans are one big family” (SN: 6/15/13, p. 8). It says that every person living in Europe today shares a common set of ancestors. First, what does “set” mean? “Set” implies there are certain common characteristics of the members, but people living in Europe 1,000 years […]

  8. Health & Medicine

    Nobelist’s Cancer Theory

    Excerpt from the July 13, 1963, issue of Science News Letter

  9. Letters to the editor

  10. Letters to the editor

    Invertebrate enigmas I found the recent article “Evolutionary enigmas” (SN: 5/18/13, p. 20) fascinating because I know of another example of an invertebrate animal possessing a “strictly vertebrate” quality. As a high school human anatomy and physiology teacher, I sometimes have my students test the effects of the constituents in cigarette smoke on live Daphnia […]

  11. Health & Medicine

    Balloon Clears Arteries

  12. Letters to the editor

    Wet Earth Erin Wayman’s article “Faint young sun” (SN: 5/4/13, p. 30), about how the early Earth stayed warm enough for liquid water, made me wonder about the effect of the temperature of the planet itself. A hotter core, thinner crust, more volcanism — wouldn’t those factors in addition to atmospheric influences affect surface temperature? […]