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  1. Health & Medicine

    Seek Meningitis Vaccine

  2. Planetary Science

    Natural space lens reveals planet

  3. Plants

    Just a few tree species dominate Amazon forest

    The Amazonian rainforest, known to be one of the most species-rich areas on the planet, is actually dominated by a only few tree species.

  4. Life

    H7N9 bird flu appears again

  5. Science & Society

    Funding slide

    U.S. federal spending on science has decreased sharply since 2010. Scientists are feeling the crunch.

  6. Physics

    ‘Magic number’ 34

  7. Chemistry

    Simulating reactions in cyberspace earns Nobel Prize in chemistry

    Computer models that meld quantum and classical calculations have earned three scientists the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

  8. Particle Physics

    Higgs field prediction lands Nobel Prize in physics

    The famous particle’s detection last year confirmed the laureates’ 1964 proposal.

  9. Particle Physics

    Higgs boson wins scientists Nobel Prize in physics

  10. Health & Medicine

    Medicine Nobel goes to cellular transport research

    Honor given to three scientists who discovered how machinery moves cargo around cells.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Cellular transport research wins Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology

  12. Animals

    Tortoise-studying teen takes top Broadcom prize

    Even a tortoise enthusiast can speed through a three-day gauntlet of science, engineering and math challenges to claim victory. River Grace, 14, of West Melbourne, Fla., did just that. At an awards ceremony October 1, he picked up the top award of $25,000. The teen was one of 30 finalists from 17 states who attended the third annual Broadcom Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars, or MASTERS, competition.