Sid Perkins

Sid Perkins is a freelance science writer based in Crossville, Tenn.

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  1. whale skeleton, formanifera skeletons, and a rhinoceros beetle exoskeleton

    Skeletons come in many shapes and sizes

    In Skeletons, two paleobiologists recount how and why skeletons evolved, as well as the variety of forms they take and the many purposes they serve.

  2. Glyptodon

    Fossils sparked Charles Darwin’s imagination

    Darwin’s Fossils recounts how finding extinct species in South America helped Charles Darwin develop his theory of evolution.

  3. Burmese python

    Invasive species are a growing global threat

    'The Aliens Among Us' describes how invasive species are colonizing — and disrupting — ecosystems worldwide.

  4. Down House

    ‘Darwin’s Backyard’ chronicles naturalist’s homespun experiments

    In the new book Darwin’s Backyard, a biologist explores Charles Darwin’s family life, as well as four decades’ worth of his at-home experiments.

  5. Melting sea ice in Barrow, Alaska

    Radical idea could restore ice in the Arctic Ocean

    Windmill-powered pumps on buoys throughout the Arctic Ocean could help bring back shrinking sea ice, researchers say.

  6. Solar Eclipse in 2012

    Read up on solar eclipses before this year’s big event

    Three new books chronicle the science, history and cultural significance of total solar eclipses.

  7. black widow spider

    ‘Cannibalism’ chronicles grisly science of eating your own

    In "Cannibalism", a zoologist explores a grisly topic that scientists have only recently begun to study seriously.

  8. Peacock

    ‘Furry Logic’ showcases how animals exploit physics

    "Furry Logic" explores how animals rely on the laws of physics in pursuit of food, sex and survival.

  9. carbon minerals
    Planetary Science

    Rock hounds are on the hunt for new carbon minerals

    The race is on to find about 140 predicted carbon-based minerals in locations around the world. Map included.

  10. Oak tree

    ‘The Long, Long Life of Trees’ takes readers on a walk in the woods

    The Long, Long Life of Trees explores the scientific, historical and cultural significance of apple, birch, elm and 14 other kinds of trees.

  11. Cow killer ant

    New books deliver double dose of venomous animal facts

    In Venomous and The Sting of the Wild, researchers delve into the world of venomous creatures and the scientists who study them.

  12. fireflies

    ‘Silent Sparks’ illuminates fascinating world of fireflies

    In a new book, a firefly researcher explores why scientists and kids alike are captivated by lightning bugs.