Sid Perkins

Sid Perkins is a freelance science writer based in Crossville, Tenn.

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  1. image of InSight Lander on Mars
    Planetary Science

    Marsquakes reveal the Red Planet boasts a liquid core half its diameter

    Analyses of seismic waves picked up by NASA’s InSight lander shed new light on the planet’s core and give clues to the thickness of the crust.

  2. image of Getz Ice Sheet in Antarctica

    Collapse may not always be inevitable for marine ice cliffs

    Runaway collapse of ice cliffs could dramatically boost sea level. But these cliffs may not be so vulnerable, new simulations suggest.

  3. 2004 tsunami in Thailand

    A new book uses stories from tsunami survivors to decode deadly waves

    In ‘Tsunami: The World’s Greatest Waves,’ two scientists chronical hundreds of eyewitness accounts to show the human cost of life at the water’s edge.

  4. an elephant takes a drink from a lake

    Newly recognized tricks help elephants suck up huge amounts of water

    New ultrasound imaging reveals what goes on inside a pachyderm’s trunk while feeding. It can snort water at the rate of 24 shower heads.

  5. head of T. rex fossil

    T. rex’s incredible biting force came from its stiff lower jaw

    T. rex could generate incredibly strong bite forces thanks to a boomerang-shaped bone that stiffened the lower jaw, a new analysis suggests.

  6. aerial image of melting glaciers in the Andes mountains

    Climate change may have changed the direction of the North Pole’s drift

    A mid-1990s shift in the movement of the pole was driven by glacial melt, in part caused by climate change, among other factors, a new study reports.

  7. 5 micrometeorites found in Antarctica
    Planetary Science

    Earth sweeps up 5,200 tons of extraterrestrial dust each year

    Thousands of micrometeorites collected from Antarctica come from both comets and asteroids, a new study suggests.

  8. illustration of an asteroid hitting Antarctica
    Planetary Science

    A meteor may have exploded over Antarctica 430,000 years ago

    Tiny spherules recovered from a mountaintop suggest a space rock broke apart midflight and sprayed debris across thousands of kilometers.

  9. image of Andromeda galaxy

    Andromeda’s and the Milky Way’s black holes will collide. Here’s how it may play out

    Supermassive black holes in the Milky Way and Andromeda will engulf each other less than 17 million years after the galaxies merge, simulations show.

  10. Europa

    ‘Alien Oceans’ argues the search for E.T. should include the outer solar system

    In Alien Oceans, a NASA scientist explores the evidence that ice-covered moons host hidden oceans, where life could evolve and thrive.

  11. Tiktaalik roseae illustration

    A new book captures how genetics fills in the story of life’s evolution

    In Some Assembly Required, paleontologist Neil Shubin explores how genetic analyses complement paleontological research.

  12. Nanotyrannus

    Small ‘cousins’ of T. rex may actually have been growing teenagers

    Fossil analyses suggest that Nanotyrannus wasn’t a diminutive relative of the more famous behemoth Tyrannosaurus rex.