Deleted Scenes

  1. Space

    NASA picks shuttles’ retirement homes

    Museums in New York, California, Florida and Virginia will display the four spacecraft after their final mission in June.

  2. Science & Society

    An update on scientific integrity

    New administration rules are a step in the right direction, but much work remains, says a watchdog group.

  3. Earth

    Great quake one of the biggest ever in Japan

    BLOG: Magnitude-8.9 tremor will go down in seismology’s record books

  4. Space

    Meteorites may hold fossils from space — or not

    Skepticism greets claim that three space rocks may contain microfossils of extraterrestrial bacteria.

  5. Life

    Arkansas birds died of trauma

    Necropsies suggest loud noises caused panic, killing thousands.

  6. Physics

    Size of a proton? Really small

    But physicists can't agree on one number.

  7. Science & Society

    E.T.? No. Arsenic? Yes. Maybe. Hmmm.

    NASA's bacterium news sparks criticism.

  8. Space

    LHC switching gears

    The premier European collider will spend the next month smashing lead nuclei together.

  9. Life

    Bee mystery not over yet

    News reports overstate recent findings.

  10. Humans

    Swedish academy awards

    If you find yourself in the reality show doldrums, pining for the rivalries of Top Chef or American Idol … perk up. The biggest reality show in Science Town kicks off October 4. That’s right: it’s Nobel prize season. SCIENCE’S OLYMPICS | Except for a brief interval of sharing the lead with the United Kingdom […]

  11. Climate

    Annual Arctic ice minimum reached

    The verdict is in on this year’s Arctic sea-ice melt: third worst since satellites began keeping track of the northern polar cap in 1979. BIG MELT Sea ice on the Arctic Ocean, seen in a NASA simulation of conditions September 3, has reached its annual minimum extent, the third smallest on record. NASA-Goddard Scientific Visualization […]

  12. Computing

    Most influential media Twitter feeds

    Today’s media landscape is unsettled ground, still shifting in the aftermath of that earthquake called the Internet. The proverbial kingdom and the power aren’t as much about how many doorsteps feel the thud of a daily paper as about page views, click-throughs, diggs and tweets. But the Gray Lady and her peers are hanging on. […]