Deleted Scenes

  1. Life

    California mad cow case no reason for panic

    An animal recently diagnosed with the disease had an unusual form unlikely to be passed to humans.

  2. Humans

    A result of zero doesn’t always mean zero results

    Two recent astrophysics studies found meaningful results in nothing.

  3. Space

    The Newtonian physics (or not) of Angry Birds Space

    Experts weigh in on the basic principles featured in the game’s universe.

  4. Particle Physics

    Higgs running out of hiding places

    particle’s mass confirms a final missing piece of physics’ puzzle is right where scientists think it is.

  5. Space

    Moony shot

    Cassini fits four Saturnian satellites in one frame.

  6. Space

    HiRISE clocks hurricane-speed winds on Mars

    Orbiting camera measures swirling gusts in dust devils.

  7. The Sopranos with feathers

    Stories from a day of bird searching.

  8. Space

    A fine how-do-you-do from an asteroid

    Five days after being discovered, an interplanetary visitor passes 12,300 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

  9. Space

    No new particle from second detector

    The chances that the Tevatron is producing a previously unknown particle drop substantially after the collider's DZERO experiment finds nothing extraordinary.

  10. Other shoe drops on arsenic-eating bugs

    A journal publishes responses to its recent paper suggesting that some microbes can live on a poisonous substance.

  11. Humans

    Skeptical scientists call 1-800-BALONEY on cell phone study

    Findings on brain effects are vigorously attacked and just as strenuously defended.

  12. Space

    Rumors of a Higgs discovery are just that

    Speculation suggests that a long-sought particle may be at hand, but most physicists remain skeptical.