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  1. Ultima Thule illustration
    Planetary Science

    New Horizons wakes up to begin Kuiper Belt exploration

    The New Horizons spacecraft just woke up to get ready for its New Year’s Day flyby of the distant space rock Ultima Thule.

  2. exoplanet travel posters

    Take a virtual trip to an alien world

    NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau website lets you view what alien landscapes might look like.

  3. truck driving on road

    Treating roads with oil and gas wastewater may spread harmful pollution

    When spread on roads, wastewater from oil and gas production can leach radium and other contaminants into the environment, a new study finds.

  4. Ebola nurses in Congo
    Health & Medicine

    Ebola vaccinations begin in Congo

    A vaccination campaign is up and running to fight the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Congo. It’s the first of its kind.

  5. farside of the moon
    Planetary Science

    China is set to launch a satellite to support a future lunar rover

    China is set to launch a satellite to support a future lunar rover that will make the first-ever visit to the farside of the moon.

  6. neutron lab experiment

    Despite a new measurement, the neutron’s lifetime is still puzzling

    Two techniques for gauging the subatomic particle’s longevity disagree.

  7. fossilized child in Peru mass sacrifice site

    Anthropologists in Peru have unearthed the largest known child sacrifice

    The largest known mass sacrifice of children occurred around 550 years ago in the Chimú empire in Peru.

  8. Illustration of electromagnetic fields trapping a cloud of rubidium atoms above a microchip
    Quantum Physics

    Split atom clouds get entangled in quantum tests

    Scientists create quantum links between clouds consisting of thousands of atoms.

  9. cicadas

    Cicadas on different schedules can hybridize

    A new genetic study suggests that cicadas that emerge every 17 years have swapped genetic material with those that emerge every 13 years.

  10. pile of plastic trash

    This plastic-gobbling enzyme just got an upgrade

    Scientists tweaked a bacterial enzyme and made it more efficient in breaking down plastics found in polyester and plastic bottles.

  11. TESS launch on Falcon 9 rocket

    NASA’s TESS spacecraft launches to begin its exoplanet search

    After reaching its orbit in about two months, the telescope will start scanning nearby stars telltale dips in light that signal a passing planet.

  12. TESS satellite

    Delayed launch of NASA’s next exoplanet hunter is now set for tonight

    NASA’s next exoplanet hunter, TESS, launches today to seek planets in 85 percent of the sky.