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  1. An image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

    We finally have an image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way

    Observations from the Event Horizon Telescope reveal the turbulent region around our home galaxy’s black hole, Sagittarius A*, in new detail.

  2. the city of Otsuchi, Japan after a devastating earthquake

    Machine learning and gravity signals could rapidly detect big earthquakes

    Large earthquakes make speed-of-light adjustments to Earth’s gravitational field. Researchers have now trained computers to detect the signals.

  3. packets of Paxlovid
    Health & Medicine

    Here’s the latest good and bad news about COVID-19 drugs

    After coronavirus vaccines, antivirals and a monoclonal antibody are the next line of defense, but the treatments may be hard for some people to find.

  4. Collage of meat and vegetables

    Eating meat is the Western norm. But norms can change

    A meat-heavy diet, with its high climate costs, is the norm in the West. So social scientists are working to upend normal.

  5. Marmoset carrying two babies on its back

    Baby marmosets may practice their first distinctive cries in the womb

    Ultrasounds tracking fetal mouth movements in baby marmosets pinpoint the early development of the motor skills needed for vocalization.

  6. Aqua performing on stage at a music festival
    Science & Society

    Why it’s so hard for a one-hit wonder to have a lasting music career

    An analysis of nearly 3 million pop songs from 1959 to 2010 shows fame is a dance between similarity and innovation.

  7. illustration of sunlight heating and evaporating the disk of gas and dust around a young star

    The sun’s searing radiation led to the shuffling of the solar system’s planets

    As the young sun’s radiation evaporated gas from its surrounding disk, it triggered a jumbling of the giant planets’ orbits, simulations suggest.

  8. Myotis myotis bat hanging from the ceiling of a cave

    These bats buzz like wasps and bees. The sound may deter hungry owls

    Researchers have identified what may be the first known case of a mammal mimicking an insect.

  9. black and white photo of water poured from above splashing on raw chicken
    Health & Medicine

    How to wash chicken in the kitchen more safely, according to physics

    Despite the advice of health experts, most people who cook chicken at home wash it. New research offers ways to reduce spreading dangerous germs.

  10. Mussels on dinner plate

    These six foods may become more popular as the planet warms

    Millet, kelp, Bambara groundnut and cassava are resilient, sustainable and nutrient dense — good options for future dinner plates.

  11. a photo of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope scanning the night sky with the Milky Way overhead

    50 years ago, scientists had hints of a planet beyond Pluto

    In 1972, calculations from Halley’s comet offered evidence of another planet. Today’s astronomers are still searching for a Planet Nine.

  12. a photo of several bottle of plant milks on a table

    Oat and soy milks are planet friendly, but not as nutritious as cow milk

    Plant-based milks are better for the environment, but nutrition-wise they fall behind cow milk.