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  1. aerial photo of a crosswalk in Tokyo

    Latin America defies cultural theories based on East-West comparisons

    Theories for how people think in individualist versus collectivist nations stem from East-West comparisons. Latin America challenges those theories.

  2. cows grazing on a patch of cleared rainforest

    Replacing some meat with microbial protein could help fight climate change

    Just a 20 percent substitution could cut deforestation rates and land-use CO2 emissions by more than half by 2050, a new study suggests.

  3. a coral reef teeming with fish and a diver in the background

    How some sunscreens damage coral reefs

    In lab experiments, sea anemones and coral turned oxybenzone into a toxin activated by light. But helpful algae may provide a layer of protection.

  4. microscope image showing brain cells with dopamine in green and active AGTR1 gene in magenta

    A very specific kind of brain cell dies off in people with Parkinson’s

    Of out 10 kinds of dopamine-making nerve cells, only one type is extra vulnerable in Parkinson’s disease.

  5. a customer surveys the meat section in a grocery store

    How much does eating meat affect nations’ greenhouse gas emissions?

    How much meat eating affects worldwide greenhouse gas emissions comes clear in new country-by-country analyses.

  6. carved relief of an ancient Egyptian queen smelling a lotus flower

    Ancient ‘smellscapes’ are wafting out of artifacts and old texts

    In studying and reviving long-ago scents, archaeologists aim to understand how people experienced, and interpreted, their worlds through smell.

  7. A Golden Syrian hamster that was saved from Hong Kong's cull of the rodents peeks out of its little house inside its cage.

    Some hamsters are extremely susceptible to COVID-19

    Golden Syrian hamsters used in research and popular as pets can become infected with SARS-CoV-2 with very low doses of the virus, a new study suggests.

  8. a blue burst of light from a volcanic eruption can be seen on the surface of Io
    Planetary Science

    Lava and frost may form the mysterious lumps on Jupiter’s moon Io

    Jets of gas released when hot meets cold on the volcanic moon Io could generate sprawling fields of dunes, a study finds.

  9. one girl wears a mask seated next to another girl taking an inhaler
    Health & Medicine

    The body’s response to allergic asthma also helps protect against COVID-19

    A protein called IL-13 mounts defenses that include virus-trapping mucus and armor that shields airway cells from infection.

  10. a zircon crystal

    Ancient zircons may record the dawn of plate tectonics

    A change in gemstone composition starting about 3.8 billion years ago may offer the earliest record of one tectonic plate sliding over another.

  11. Readers react to Science News‘ century of coverage, fynbos plants and more

  12. A changing climate means changes on the plate

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the future of food through the lens of climate change.