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  1. Astronomy

    Dead — but not duds

  2. Astronomy


    By observing the minieclipses known as transits, when a distant planet passes in front of its parent star, astronomers are learning more about the size, composition, and temperature of exoplanets.

  3. Astronomy

    Bloated planet

    A newly discovered exoplanet is the largest and lowest-density such object yet found.

  4. Astronomy


    Astronomers hope that new tools will enable them to capture the first image of one of the 300 known planets orbiting distant stars.

  5. Astronomy

    Otherworldly triple play

    Astronomers have discovered the first known system of three superEarths beyond the solar system.

  6. Astronomy

    One star, five planets

    With the discovery of a fifth planet circling the nearby star 55 Cancri, astronomers have found the most abundant—and heaviest—planetary system beyond the sun's.

  7. Planetary Science

    Dusty Clues: Study suggests no dearth of Earths

    A new study suggests that many, or perhaps most, sunlike stars have planets much like Earth.

  8. Planetary Science

    Deep Impact and Stardust: Still on assignment

    Two sturdy NASA spacecraft have new assignments, studying comets and looking for exoplanets.

  9. Humans

    Science News of the Year 2007

    A review of important scientific achievements reported in Science News during the past year.

  10. 19562

    It seems to me that “Earthlike” is overused in the media. One always ends up using too many qualifiers. Gliese 876’s orbit is very un-Earthlike, and its mass is too. Let’s wait until the star-to-planet distance of a future exoplanet ranges from that of Venus to Mars and the mass is no more than twice […]

  11. Humans

    Letters from the August 13, 2005, issue of Science News

    Bay listen It was interesting to read of processing mundane noise to produce an ultrasound image of the geology of Los Angeles (“Seismic noise can yield maps of Earth’s crust,” SN: 6/11/05, p. 382). A big question in the state is the deep structure of San Francisco Bay. Clearly, the bay and the valleys extending […]

  12. Planetary Science

    Tiny scope spies distant planet

    Using a telescope not much bigger than Galileo's, astronomers have discovered a planet orbiting a star 500 light-years from Earth.