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  1. Animals

    Beaked whales may evade killer whales by silently diving in sync

    To slip past predators, beaked whales appear to synchronize their deep dives, staying silent while not hunting and ascending far from where they dove.

  2. Animals

    50 years ago, scientists studied orcas in the wild for the first time

    The study of killer whales has come a long way since the capture of seven in 1968 allowed scientists to study the animals in their habitat.

  3. Climate

    Bull sharks and bottlenose dolphins are moving north as the ocean warms

    Rising temperatures are making ocean waters farther north more hospitable for a variety of marine species.

  4. Animals

    A ghost gene leaves ocean mammals vulnerable to some pesticides

    Manatees, dolphins and other warm-blooded marine animals can't break down organophosphates due to genetic mutations that occurred long ago.

  5. Planetary Science

    Readers ponder Opportunity’s future, animal consciousness and more

    Readers had questions about NASA’s Opportunity rover, pollen shapes and more.

  6. Artificial Intelligence

    AI eavesdrops on dolphins and discovers six unknown click types

    An algorithm uncovered the new types of echolocation sounds among millions of underwater recordings from the Gulf of Mexico.

  7. Climate

    How climate change is already altering oceans and ice, and what’s to come

    A new IPCC report gives the lowdown on how climate change is already wreaking havoc on Earth’s oceans and frozen regions, and how much worse things could get.

  8. Life

    1 million species are under threat. Here are 5 ways we speed up extinctions

    One million of the world’s plant and animal species are now under threat of extinction, a new report finds.

  9. Animals

    In marine mammals’ battle of the sexes, vaginal folds can make the difference

    Patricia Brennan and colleagues found certain female ocean mammals have vaginal folds that give them an advantage in mating

  10. Animals

    ‘Spying on Whales’ dives into the story of true leviathans

    "Spying on Whales" retraces the evolution of cetaceans, explaining how they came to be some of Earth’s largest creatures.

  11. Animals

    How a dolphin eats an octopus without dying

    An octopus’s tentacles can kill a dolphin — or a human — when eaten alive. But wily dolphins in Australia have figured out how to do this safely.

  12. Anthropology

    Koko the gorilla is gone, but she left a legacy

    An ape that touched millions imparted some hard lessons about primate research.