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  1. Humans

    DNA indicates how ancient migrations shaped South Asian languages and farming

    Farming in the region may have sprung up locally, while herders from afar sparked language changes.

  2. Ecosystems

    Planting trees could buy more time to fight climate change than thought

    Earth has nearly a billion hectares suitable for new forests to start trapping carbon, a study finds.

  3. Plants

    Some plants use hairy roots and acid to access nutrients in rock

    Shrubs in mountainous areas of Brazil have specialized roots that secrete chemicals to extract phosphorus from rock.

  4. Archaeology

    Excavations show hunter-gatherers lived in the Amazon more than 10,000 years ago

    Early foragers may have laid the foundation for farming’s ascent in South America’s tropical forests.

  5. Animals

    Hippo poop cycles silicon through the East African environment

    By chowing down on grass and then excreting into rivers and lakes, hippos play a big role in transporting a nutrient crucial to the food web.

  6. Genetics

    DNA reveals early mating between Asian herders and European farmers

    A new genetic analysis could upend assumptions about the origins of Indo-European languages.

  7. Life

    We’ve lost 3 billion birds since 1970 in North America

    Scientists estimated the change in total number of individual birds since 1970. They found profound losses spread among rare and common birds alike.

  8. Life

    Connecting our dwindling natural habitats could help preserve plant diversity

    As pristine habitats shrink worldwide, a massive, 18-year experiment suggests that linking up what's left with natural corridors could help ecosystems retain plant diversity.

  9. Animals

    ‘Epic Yellowstone’ captures the thriving ecosystem of the world-famous park

    A new documentary series about Yellowstone displays the dynamic, dramatic and exciting ecosystem that thrives within the park’s gates.

  10. Anthropology

    Hominids may have been cutting-edge tool makers 2.6 million years ago

    Contested finds point to a sharp shift in toolmaking by early members of the Homo genus.

  11. Ecosystems

    Moonlight shapes how some animals move, grow and even sing

    The moon’s light influences lion prey behavior, dung beetle navigation, fish growth, mass migrations and birdsong.

  12. Climate

    Development near natural areas puts more Californians in the path of wildfires

    As urbanization extends its reach into once-natural areas, more homes and people are at risk from wildfires.