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  1. Animals

    A built-in pocket protector keeps sawfish from ‘sword fighting’ in the womb

    What’s to prevent pups, with a snout that resembles a hedge trimmer, from slicing and dicing each other in mom’s uterus? Scientists have the answer.

  2. Animals

    Eavesdropping on fish could help us keep better tabs on underwater worlds

    Scientists are on a quest to log all the sounds of fish communication. The result could lead to better monitoring of ecosystems and fish behavior.

  3. Animals

    Migratory fish species are in drastic decline, a new UN report details

    The most comprehensive tally of how migrating animals are faring looks at more than 1,000 land and aquatic species and aims to find ways to protect them.

  4. Environment

    ‘The High Seas’ tells of the many ways humans are laying claim to the ocean

    The book explains how the race for ocean resources from fish to ores to new medicines — the Blue Acceleration — is playing out.

  5. Humans

    Does social status shape height?

    A controversial idea drawing on findings from the animal kingdom suggests there’s more to human stature than genetics and nutrition.

  6. Animals

    Fish beware: Bottlenosed dolphins may be able to pick up your heartbeat

    Fish, sharks and platypuses are adept at sensing electrical signals living things give off. Bottlenosed dolphins make that list too, studies suggests.

  7. Animals

    Pumping cold water into rivers could act as ‘air conditioning’ for fish

    Hundreds of salmon, trout and other fish sought shelter from summer heat in human-made shelters, suggesting a way to help fish adapt to river warming.

  8. Life

    This protist unfolds its ‘neck’ up to 30 times its body length to scout prey

    With geometry’s help, 'Lacrymaria olor' can extend its long, necklike protrusion in less than 30 seconds.

  9. Archaeology

    A new study challenges the idea that Rapa Nui islanders caused an ‘ecocide’

    Rapa Niu islanders farmed and fished enough to feed only a few thousand people, too few to decimate society before Europeans arrived, researchers contend.

  10. Animals

    Beneficial bacteria help these marine worms survive extreme cold

    Three species of marine worms living in Antarctic waters have beneficial relationships with bacteria that produce antifreeze proteins.

  11. Paleontology

    How did an ancient shark parasite end up fossilized in tree resin?

    A worm preserved in 99-million-year-old amber resembles modern flatworms in shark intestines. The rare finding has scientists stumped.

  12. Neuroscience

    Ancient viruses helped speedy nerves evolve

    A retrovirus embedded in the DNA of some vertebrates helps turn on production of a protein needed to insulate nerve cells, aiding speedy thoughts.