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  1. Five Black men, all wearing hats, stand near an old building
    Health & Medicine

    Medical racism didn’t begin or end with the syphilis study at Tuskegee

    Racism that fueled the syphilis study still permeates the U.S. health care system, causing disparities in access to medical care and health measures.

  2. Marmoset carrying two babies on its back

    Baby marmosets may practice their first distinctive cries in the womb

    Ultrasounds tracking fetal mouth movements in baby marmosets pinpoint the early development of the motor skills needed for vocalization.

  3. In Pandemic Year Three, still so many questions

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses what we've learned about COVID-19, and what questions remain in the pandemic's third year.

  4. people playing instruments in a nursing home environment
    Health & Medicine

    A music therapist seeks to tap into long-lost memories

    Alaine Reschke-Hernández is partnering with neuroscientists to figure out how music improves Alzheimer’s patients’ lives.

  5. map of light pollution in the North Sea

    Even the sea has light pollution. These new maps show its extent

    Coastal cities and offshore development create enough light to potentially alter behavior of tiny organisms dozens of meters below the surface.

  6. Illustrations on a three week calendar showing a woman struggling with her COVID-19 symptoms
    Health & Medicine

    At a long COVID clinic, here’s how doctors are trying to help one woman who is struggling

    As more people experience long-term health problems from COVID-19, long COVID clinics try to help patients manage symptoms, like brain fog and fatigue.

  7. images of A. angustatum, left, and A. peninsulae, right

    These flowers lure pollinators to their deaths. There’s a new twist on how

    Some jack-in-the-pulpit plants may use sex to lure pollinators. That's confusing for male fungus gnats — and deadly.

  8. illustration of Tupandactylus imperator

    Pterosaurs may have had brightly colored feathers on their heads

    The fossil skull of a flying reptile hints that feathers originated about 100 million years earlier than scientists thought.

  9. a cone snail shell

    Cone snail venom may trick mate-seeking worms into becoming meals

    Cone snail venom contains worm pheromone mimics, suggesting the chemicals may be used to lure worms during hunting.

  10. A photo shows water, a possible source of PFAS exposure, pouring into a glass.
    Health & Medicine

    ‘Forever chemicals’ may pose a bigger risk to our health than scientists thought

    PFAS are linked to obesity, cancers and more. Growing evidence of the chemicals’ risks has prompted new guidance for safe drinking water and consumer testing.

  11. a group of Dinka people sitting on the ground where one man dressed in blue holds a drum and others hold instruments

    Africa’s oldest human DNA helps unveil an ancient population shift

    Long-distance mate seekers started staying closer to home about 20,000 years ago.

  12. Health & Medicine

    I think I have long COVID. What does that mean?

    The condition comes with varying levels of severity and symptoms, making it hard to diagnose and treat.