1. Agriculture

    Afghanistan’s Seed Banks Destroyed

    On Sept. 10, scientists in Kabul reported the loss of Afghanistan’s principal agricultural insurance policy: two stores of carefully collected seeds, materials selected to represent the genetic diversity of native crops. Here, some of the wheat seed brought into the country by a convoy, this spring, is being stored pending redistribution to Afghan farmers. USAID […]

  2. Agriculture

    Sprawling over croplands

    Satellite imagery indicates that sprawling urban development has been disproportionately gobbling up those lands best able to support crops.

  3. Agriculture

    Killer bees boost coffee yields

    Even self-pollinating coffee plants benefit substantially from visits by insect pollinators.

  4. Agriculture

    Slugging It Out with Caffeine

    Anyone who has raised tomatoes in a moist environment knows the tell-tale sign: Overnight, a ripe, juicy orb sustains a huge, oozing wound. If you arrive early, you might catch the dastardly culprit: a slug. In one test, scientists sprayed soil with dilute caffeine and then watched as slugs, like this one, made haste to […]

  5. Agriculture

    Moos, microbes, and methane

    A feed additive could reduce methane emissions from cows.

  6. Agriculture

    Journal disowns transgene report

    The journal Nature now says it shouldn't have published a report that genetically engineered corn is leaking exotic genes into the traditional maize crops of Mexico.

  7. Agriculture

    Gene Makes Tomatoes Tolerate Salt

    The world's first genetically engineered salt-tolerant tomato plant may help farmers utilize spoiled lands.

  8. Agriculture

    Tasteful new wrapping can protect produce

    New, fruit- and vegetable-based edible packaging could reduce the amount of synthetic wrapping needed to protect food.