1. Agriculture

    Carnivorous fish nibble at farming gain

    Fish farming may ease pressure on wild stocks overall, but for certain species, farms mean a net loss of fish.

  2. Agriculture

    Bt corn variety OK for black swallowtails

    The first published field study of butterflies and genetically altered corn finds no harm to black swallowtail caterpillars from a common corn variety.

  3. Agriculture

    Downtown Fisheries?

    Advances may make fish farming a healthy prospect, even for inner cities.

  4. Agriculture

    Toxic bugs taint large numbers of cattle

    U.S. cattle have dramatically higher rates of infection with a virulent food-poisoning bacterium than had been realized, a factor that leads to widespread carcass contamination during slaughter.

  5. Agriculture

    A Dairy Solution to Mildew Woes

  6. Agriculture

    Apple pests stand up to antibiotics

    Scientists are concerned about new forms of antibiotic resistance cropping up in fire blight—a deadly disease of apple trees.

  7. Agriculture

    Cocoa yields are mushrooming—downward

    A mushroom epidemic in Brazilian cacao trees, which has cut the production of cacao by 25 percent in 5 years, may be treatable with another fungus.

  8. Agriculture

    Afghanistan’s Seed Banks Destroyed

  9. Agriculture

    Sprawling over croplands

    Satellite imagery indicates that sprawling urban development has been disproportionately gobbling up those lands best able to support crops.

  10. Agriculture

    Killer bees boost coffee yields

    Even self-pollinating coffee plants benefit substantially from visits by insect pollinators.

  11. Agriculture

    Slugging It Out with Caffeine

  12. Agriculture

    Moos, microbes, and methane

    A feed additive could reduce methane emissions from cows.