1. Agriculture

    Killer bees boost coffee yields

    Even self-pollinating coffee plants benefit substantially from visits by insect pollinators.

  2. Agriculture

    Slugging It Out with Caffeine

    Anyone who has raised tomatoes in a moist environment knows the tell-tale sign: Overnight, a ripe, juicy orb sustains a huge, oozing wound. If you arrive early, you might catch the dastardly culprit: a slug. In one test, scientists sprayed soil with dilute caffeine and then watched as slugs, like this one, made haste to […]

  3. Agriculture

    Moos, microbes, and methane

    A feed additive could reduce methane emissions from cows.

  4. Agriculture

    Journal disowns transgene report

    The journal Nature now says it shouldn't have published a report that genetically engineered corn is leaking exotic genes into the traditional maize crops of Mexico.

  5. Agriculture

    Gene Makes Tomatoes Tolerate Salt

    The world's first genetically engineered salt-tolerant tomato plant may help farmers utilize spoiled lands.

  6. Agriculture

    Tasteful new wrapping can protect produce

    New, fruit- and vegetable-based edible packaging could reduce the amount of synthetic wrapping needed to protect food.