Artificial Intelligence

  1. Science & Society

    Nine companies are steering the future of artificial intelligence

    In ‘The Big Nine,’ futurist Amy Webb explores the political and economic factors that are shaping artificial intelligence.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    Why a data scientist warns against always trusting AI’s scientific discoveries

    Artificial intelligence that helps make scientific discoveries needs to get better at admitting its uncertainty, Genevera Allen says.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    Readers marvel at AI, space missions and wombat poop

    Readers had comments and questions about defining artificial intelligence, the New Horizons space mission and more.

  4. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is learning not to be so literal

    Artificial intelligence is learning how to take things not so literally.

  5. Artificial Intelligence

    A new AI training program helps robots own their ignorance

    AI systems struggle to know what they don’t know. Now scientists have created a way to help autonomous machines recognize their blind spots.

  6. Artificial Intelligence

    This robot learned not to mess with other people’s stuff

    Ownership-respecting robots could soon understand the difference between chucking a Styrofoam cup and someone’s favorite mug.

  7. Archaeology

    Our fascination with robots goes all the way back to antiquity

    In the book ‘Gods and Robots,’ a scholar recounts how early civilizations explored artificial life through myths.

  8. Tech

    These robots can follow how-to diagrams

    Robots capable of reading diagrams could work in more varied environments and be easier to communicate with.

  9. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is mastering a wider variety of jobs than ever before

    In 2018, AI bested humans at following fauna, diagnosing disease, mapping the moon and more.

  10. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence crowdsources data to speed up drug discovery

    A new AI that judges whether drugs will interact with certain proteins can train on data from multiple sources while keeping that info secret.

  11. Artificial Intelligence

    Anshumali Shrivastava uses AI to wrangle torrents of data

    Computer scientist Anshumali Shrivastava is designing programs that can handle torrents of information quickly and efficiently.

  12. Artificial Intelligence

    A new AI can focus on one voice in a crowd

    The artificial intelligence can ignore background noise in videos and focus on what a particular person is saying.