1. Astronomy

    Gamma-ray bursts reveal distant galaxies

    A gamma-ray burst recorded Feb. 22, one of the brightest ever detected, is proving to be the strongest evidence so far that these cosmic flashbulbs originate in star-forming regions of distant galaxies and are generated by the explosive death of massive stars.

  2. Astronomy

    Eye on the Universe

  3. Astronomy

    Searching for a lost craft

    A recent Department of Defense analysis of images of the Red Planet may have located a lost spacecraft on Mars, but NASA says the images could just be electronic noise.

  4. Astronomy

    Probes find a new plume on Io

    Two spacecraft jointly eyeing Jupiter's moon Io, the most volcanically active body in the solar system, have spotted a towering new plume.

  5. Astronomy

    A comet’s odd orbit hints at hidden planet

    Far beyond the solar system's nine known planets, a body as massive as Mars may once have been part of our planetary system, and it might still be there.

  6. Astronomy

    A Dark Force in the Universe

    Cosmologists are thinking dark thoughts about what kind of mystery force may be contorting the cosmos, pushing galaxies apart at a faster and faster rate.

  7. Astronomy

    Starry Data Support Revved-Up Cosmos

    Astronomers have confirmed one of the weirdest properties of the universe: Some mysterious force is pushing galaxies apart at a faster and faster rate.

  8. Astronomy

    Some of galaxy’s dark matter comes to light

    A new study adds to the evidence that astronomers have unveiled some of the dark matter in our galaxy and that it's pretty ordinary stuff—white dwarfs, the cold, compact embers of low-mass stars.

  9. Astronomy

    Creating a warmer, wetter Mars

    A new study adds to the evidence that past volcanic activity could have temporarily created a warmer, wetter Mars, a place on which water once flowed freely.

  10. Astronomy

    Magnetic flip heralds solar max

    Scientists have found another indicator that the sun has reached the maximum of its current activity cycle: The polarity of its magnetic field has reversed.

  11. Astronomy

    In moon race, Saturn is still champ

    New discoveries have raised the retinue of Saturn's known moons to 30, making the ringed planet the solar system's champ.

  12. Astronomy

    Mining the Sky

    A proposed national virtual observatory, a mammoth computer database integrating spectra, images, and other information covering the entire sky, could usher in a new age of discovery in astronomy.