1. Life

    The Arctic isn’t alone

    Insects and other animals that regulate their body temperature externally may be especially vulnerable as the world warms.

  2. Earth

    A Feverish World

    What's behind global warming—and is there anything we can do?

  3. Climate

    Olympic Clean Up

    Rather than wowing its visitors this summer with world-class air pollution, China wants to impress them with its clean, green Olympics.

  4. Earth

    Heat relief

    A new data-rich climate model foresees a short-term reprieve from warming for parts of western Europe and North America.

  5. Climate

    Science News for Kids: Polar Ice Feels the Heat

    From glaciers to sea ice, the big melt is on.

  6. Environment

    Down with Carbon

    Scientists are exploring strategies for capturing carbon dioxide and storing it safely away in order to limit the levels of that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

  7. Climate

    Researchers rethink fate of celebrity plankton

    A poster-species for the hazards of greenhouse gas accumulation thrives in carbon dioxide-rich waters.