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Earth & Environment

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Yellowstone's magma reservoir

HOT STUFF   Scientists have spotted a massive magma reservoir buried deep inside the Yellowstone supervolcano, connecting the mantle plume that fuels the volcanic system to a smaller magma chamber closer to the surface.

Honeybee on oilseed rape flower

WORKER SAFETY  Two new studies renew questions about the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on honeybees (one shown on an oilseed rape flower) as well as wild pollinators.

Isle Royale wolves

Only one pup (left) and two adult wolves remain on Isle Royale in northern Michigan, the site of a decades-long study of wolf-moose interactions. The pup appears hunched, with an extra skinny waist and deformed tail. Researchers think it won’t live more than a year.

Earth & Environment

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