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    Drugs Counter Mad Cow Agent in Cells

    Fueled only by promising studies of cells, a California research team has invited controversy by beginning to give a little-used malaria drug to patients who have the human version of mad cow disease.

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    Vaccine Verity

    Widely publicized concerns about vaccination leading to autism, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes have not been borne out by research.

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    Could this be the end of the monthly period?

    Two compounds stop menstruation in monkeys, suggesting that similar drugs might someday enable women to bypass monthly bleeding.

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    Germ-Fighting Germs

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    Protein may post lung cancer warning

    The protein Ki-67, sometimes present on tissue lining the lungs, may act as a warning sign of lung cancer risk for ex-smokers.

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    Once a cesarean, always a cesarean?

    Expectant mothers who've already given birth by cesarean section put themselves at increased risk of uterine rupture by trying vaginal birth.

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    Cox-2 shows up in stomach cancers

    The inflammatory enzyme Cox-2 is present in stomach tumors, suggesting that drugs that inhibit the enzyme might help supress tumor formation.

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    New drug fights a chronic leukemia

    A genetically engineered drug that fuses an antibody to a toxin attacks cancerous cells in hairy-cell leukemia.

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    Antioxidants + heart drugs = bad medicine?

    Taking dietary antioxidant supplements along with certain cholesterol-regulating drugs may diminish the effectiveness of those drugs in boosting the so-called good cholesterol.

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    Insect-saliva vaccine thwarts parasite

    Mice inoculated with a component of sand fly saliva develop immunity to Leishmania, a protozoan that infects hundreds of thousands of people in the tropics each year.

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    Chemotherapy leads to bone loss

    In women with early-stage breast cancer, malfunctioning ovaries and significant bone loss can occur within 6 months of chemotherapy treatment.

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    Inflammation linked to diabetes

    Women who go on to develop diabetes seem to have signs of widespread, low-level inflammation years before they have symptoms of the disease.