1. Animals

    Altruistic Sperm: Mouse gametes team up to power one winner

    The sperm of wood mice hook together by the thousands to form high-speed teams racing toward an egg, even though only one of the pack will get the prize.

  2. Animals

    Pesticides Mess with Immunity: Double whammy promotes frog deformities

    Agricultural pollutants may conspire with parasites to cause the epidemic of limb deformity that's sweeping through North America's frog populations.

  3. Paleontology

    Fossil leaves yield extinction clues

    Analyses of fossil leaves provide more evidence that the mass extinctions that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago were sudden and probably brought about by an extraterrestrial impact.

  4. Paleontology

    Into the Gap: Fossil find stands on its own four legs

    A fossil originally misidentified as an ancient fish turns out to be the nearly intact remains of a four-limbed creature that lived during an extended period noted for its lack of fossils of land animals.

  5. Animals

    Wasp Painting: Do insects know each other’s faces?

    A researcher who dabbed tiny stripes on the faces and abdomens of paper wasps says that she's found the first evidence that the insects can recognize individuals by their markings.

  6. Paleontology

    Rain Forest Primeval? Colorado fossils show unexpected diversity

    The size, shape, and riotous variety of fossil leaves unearthed at a site in central Colorado suggest that the region may have been covered with one of the world's first tropical rain forests just 1.4 million years after the demise of the dinosaurs.

  7. Animals

    Butterfly ears suggest a bat influence

    Researchers have found the first bat-detecting ear in a butterfly and suggest that the threat of bats triggered the evolution of some moths into butterflies.

  8. Animals

    Oops. Woodpecker raps were actually gunshots

    The knock-knock noises recorded last winter that raised hopes for rediscovering the long-lost ivory-billed woodpecker in Louisiana turn out to have been gunshots instead of bird noises.

  9. Ecosystems

    The Buzz over Coffee

    Most people consider the continued spread of Africanized honeybees in the Americas as horrifying news. Nicknamed killer bees, these notorious social insects rile into stinging mobs with little provocation. But new research finds evidence that these irritable insects have been performing a hitherto unrecognized service for people around the world. They’ve helped keep down the […]

  10. Animals

    Who’s on first with hummingbird bills

    A survey of 166 hummingbird species links sex differences in bill length to sex differences in plumage and to breeding behavior.

  11. Animals

    Marine Mules: Near-sterile hyrids boost coral diversity

    Reef corals that spawn in great mixed-up soups of many species may be maintaining their diversity because their hybrids are sterile mules.

  12. Plants

    Mirror Image: Flowers with opposite styles have a fling

    Scientists have discovered a gene that controls whether flowers lean to the left or the right.