Particle Physics

  1. Particle Physics

    Nobel’s sharp cuts

    Gerald Guralnik was home when he learned online that physicists François Englert and Peter Higgs had won the Nobel Prize in physics for formulating the same theory he had proposed nearly 50 years ago.

  2. Particle Physics

    Higgs owes his Nobel to an editor and a biologist

  3. Particle Physics

    Higgs field prediction lands Nobel Prize in physics

    The famous particle’s detection last year confirmed the laureates’ 1964 proposal.

  4. Particle Physics

    Higgs boson wins scientists Nobel Prize in physics

  5. Particle Physics

    Higgs boson’s effects on universe boosted

  6. Particle Physics

    When the atom went quantum

    Bohr's revolutionary atomic theory turns 100.

  7. Particle Physics

    First four-quark particle may have been spotted

    If confirmed, the tetraquark could shed light on how atomic nuclei are held together.

  8. Particle Physics

    Heart of Darkness

  9. Particle Physics

    The Particle at the End of the Universe

  10. Particle Physics

    Higgs hysteria

    While some of the hype around the boson’s discovery was exaggerated, many aspects of the Higgs’ real value to science and society went un- or understated.

  11. Particle Physics

    Nature’s secrets foretold

    After decades of searching, it seems scientists have found the elusive Higgs boson.

  12. Particle Physics

    A primer on the long-sought Higgs boson

    Discovering the Higgs boson is cause for celebration — and for explanation, of what the particle is and why it matters.