Particle Physics

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    A new dark matter experiment quashed earlier hints of new particles

    Unlike its earlier incarnation, the XENONnT detector found no evidence of extra blips that scientists had hoped indicated new physics.

  2. Particle Physics

    A supersensitive dark matter search found no signs of the substance — yet

    The LZ experiment’s first measurement raises hopes that scientists are closer than ever to finding the source of much of the universe’s mass.

  3. Particle Physics

    How physicists are probing the Higgs boson 10 years after its discovery

    The famous particle may point to cracks in the standard model and new physics beyond.

  4. Particle Physics

    How neutrinos could ensure a submarine’s nuclear fuel isn’t weaponized

    Nuclear submarines could be monitored with the help of neutrinos to ensure that the fuel isn’t diverted to nuclear weapons programs

  5. Particle Physics

    High-energy neutrinos may come from black holes ripping apart stars

    Where extremely energetic neutrinos originate from is a mystery. A new study supports the idea that “tidal disruption events” are one source.

  6. Particle Physics

    The Large Hadron Collider has restarted with upgraded proton-smashing potential

    Physicists will start taking data this summer once the revamped Large Hadron Collider gets up to full speed.

  7. Particle Physics

    Muons spill secrets about Earth’s hidden structures

    Tracking travel patterns of subatomic particles called muons helps reveal the inner worlds of pyramids, volcanoes and more.

  8. Particle Physics

    A new nuclear imaging prototype detects tumors’ faint glow

    Nuclear imaging that relies on Cerenkov light could supplement standard-of-care technology for identifying location of tumors.

  9. Particle Physics

    The W boson might be extra hefty. If so, it could hint at new physics

    A new measurement of the W boson’s mass, made by smashing particles together, reveals a potential crack in physics’ standard model.

  10. Particle Physics

    How light from black holes is narrowing the search for axions

    The orientation of light waves from the region around galaxy M87’s central black hole rules out the existence of axions of a certain mass.

  11. Particle Physics

    A new particle accelerator aims to unlock secrets of bizarre atomic nuclei

    The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams will help scientists unlock the inner workings of atomic nuclei and explore how elements formed in the cosmos.

  12. Particle Physics

    Doubt cast on theorized ‘sterile’ particles leaves a neutrino mystery unsolved

    MicroBooNE weakens the case for sterile neutrinos, but the mystery that shrouded earlier neutrino experiments remains.