Particle Physics

  1. Particle Physics

    How particle detectors capture matter’s hidden, beautiful reality

    Old and new detectors trace the whirling paths of subatomic particles.

  2. Particle Physics

    Physicists dream big with an idea for a particle collider on the moon

    A lunar particle collider that dwarfs any such facility on Earth might not be impossible, according to new calculations.

  3. Particle Physics

    In a first, neutrinos were caught interacting at the Large Hadron Collider

    Despite the LHC’s fame, all its detectors were oblivious to neutrinos. But not anymore.

  4. Particle Physics

    The thickness of lead’s neutron ‘skin’ has been precisely measured

    At 0.28 trillionths of a millimeter thick, the shell of neutrons around the nucleus of an atom of lead is a bit thicker than physicists had predicted.

  5. Particle Physics

    The already tiny neutrino’s maximum possible mass has shrunk even further

    At less than an electron volt, neutrinos are by far the most lightweight massive particles known, a new measurement confirms.

  6. Particle Physics

    How matter’s hidden complexity unleashed the power of nuclear physics

    In the last century, physicists learned to split atomic nuclei and revealed a complex world of fundamental particles.

  7. Particle Physics

    Muon magnetism could hint at a breakdown of physics’ standard model

    After two decades, a new measurement of the muon magnetic anomaly reinforces earlier hints that its value disagrees with standard physics.

  8. Physics

    Newly made laser-cooled antimatter could test foundations of modern physics

    Physicists have finally used laser cooling to tame unruly antimatter atoms. That could allow new tests of symmetry and Einstein’s theory of gravity.

  9. Particle Physics

    Protons’ antimatter is even more lopsided than we thought

    The SeaQuest experiment finds that down antiquarks within the proton are more prevalent than up antiquarks.

  10. Physics

    50 years ago, scientists were on a quest for quarks

    In the 1970s, physicists confirmed particles called quarks existed. Fifty years later, many kinds of quarks in many combinations have been discovered.

  11. Particle Physics

    This is the first known particle with four of the same kind of quark

    A weird four-quark particle could be a unique testing ground for the strong force that governs how quarks stick together.

  12. Particle Physics

    Physicists spot a new class of neutrinos from the sun

    Researchers with the Borexino experiment in Italy have detected neutrinos produced in the secondary fusion process taking place in the sun’s core.