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Particle Physics

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CERN control room

HIGH HOPES  Scientists watched from the CERN control room as the LHC particle accelerator first began running at higher energies in June 2015. New data from the LHC has revealed no hints of new particles, despite physicists’ high hopes.

visualization of ATLAS experiment

HIGGS SLEUTHS  Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are using their new higher-energy data to study the Higgs boson. This visualization of the ATLAS experiment shows an event possibly containing a Higgs boson produced in combination with two top quarks, one of many new processes scientists are looking for.

White dwarf stars

COOL STARS   White dwarf stars (circled) cool as they age. Scientists have found that pulsating stars known as variable white dwarfs cool faster than expected. The discrepancy could be explained by hypothetical particles called axions carrying energy away from the star.

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