1. Physics

    From the January 24, 1931, issue

    EINSTEIN DISCUSSES REVOLUTION HE CAUSED IN SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT – By Dr. Albert Einstein From far away I have come to you, but not to strangers. I have come among men who for many years have been true comrades with me in my labors. You, my honored Dr. Michelson, began with this work when I was […]

  2. Physics

    Magnetic Whispers

    Promising new ways to magnetically probe tissues and substances are emerging now that a small research group has proved their once-ridiculed claim of a flaw in the 50-year-old theory behind magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and similar analytic techniques.

  3. Materials Science

    Soybeans could beef up plywood glues

    Researchers have replaced animal protein with soybean protein in experimental plywood glue, potentially reducing cost and health worries.

  4. Physics

    Heating, simulations get the drop on drips

    Air can buoy a layer of oil and, perhaps, even water leaking through a ceiling, if the air is relatively warm compared with the liquid.

  5. Physics

    Celebrating the laser

    An introduction to the special section on lasers.

  6. Tech

    Beatin’ Those Low-Life Blue-Laser Blues

  7. Particle Physics

    A World-Class Accelerator