Quantum Physics

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    Physicists stored data in quantum holograms made of twisted light

    Light that travels in corkscrew-like paths provides a way to make holograms that store large amounts of data in ultrasecure packages.

  2. Quantum Physics

    This environmentally friendly quantum sensor runs on sunlight

    Quantum sensors often rely on power-hungry lasers to make measurements. A new quantum magnetometer uses sunlight to measure magnetic fields instead.

  3. Quantum Physics

    Quantum entanglement makes quantum communication even more secure

    Bell tests proved that quantum mechanics really is “spooky.” Now they’ve made quantum communication even more hacker-proof.

  4. Quantum Physics

    Aliens could send quantum messages to Earth, calculations suggest

    Scientists are developing quantum communications networks on Earth. Aliens, if they exist, could be going further.

  5. Quantum Physics

    Quantum physics exponentially improves some types of machine learning

    It wasn’t entirely clear if quantum computers could improve machine learning in practice, but new experiments and theoretical proofs show that it can.

  6. Quantum Physics

    A new gravity sensor used atoms’ weird quantum behavior to peer underground

    Quantum sensors promise to be more accurate and stable in the long run than other gravity probes.

  7. Quantum Physics

    ‘From Data to Quanta’ defends Niels Bohr’s view of quantum mechanics

    In his new book, philosopher Slobodan Perović corrects misconceptions about physicist Niels Bohr’s work.

  8. Quantum Physics

    The quantum ‘boomerang’ effect has been seen for the first time

    Jostled particles return to their starting points in certain materials, an experiment reveals, confirming theoretical predictions.

  9. Quantum Physics

    Quantum particles can feel the influence of gravitational fields they never touch

    A quantum phenomenon predicted in 1959, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, also applies to gravity.

  10. Quantum Physics

    A century of quantum mechanics questions the fundamental nature of reality

    A century after the quantum revolution, a lot of uncertainty remains.

  11. Quantum Physics

    Quantum physics requires imaginary numbers to explain reality

    Quantum theory based only on real numbers fails to explain the results of two new experiments.

  12. Quantum Physics

    Physicists have coaxed ultracold atoms into an elusive form of quantum matter

    Quantum spin liquids could be used to help protect fragile information in quantum computers.