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  1. Neuroscience

    Dogs know words for their favorite toys

    The brain activity of dogs that were expecting one toy but were shown another suggests canines create mental concepts of everyday objects.

  2. Animals

    Explore the expected life spans of different dog breeds

    An analysis of dogs in the United Kingdom found that breeds like miniature dachshunds have the longest life spans while bulldogs have the shortest.

  3. Animals

    Some mysteries remain about why dogs wag their tails

    Wagging is a form of communication, with different wags meaning different things, but scientists know little about the behavior’s evolution in dogs.

  4. Animals

    Here are 5 questions about the mystery dog illness making news

    Experts suspect a perfect storm of conditions, rather than a new bug, is what’s driving “atypical kennel cough” cases in dogs across the United States.

  5. Animals

    These are our favorite animal stories of 2023

    Spiders that make prey walk the plank, self-aware fish and a pouty T. rex are among the critters that enchanted the Science News staff.

  6. Science & Society

    What Science News saw during the solar eclipse

    Science News staffers took to different parts of the United States to take in the eclipse’s glow. Here’s a glimpse of what we saw during the 2024 event.

  7. Animals

    What the first look at the genetics of Chernobyl’s dogs revealed

    Dogs living in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant industrial area are genetically distinct from other dogs, but scientists don’t yet know if radiation is the reason.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Doctors found a live python parasite in a woman’s brain

    The infection is the first known case of the worm Ophidascaris robertsi in a person. It’s not the only type of worm that can infect human brains.

  9. Health & Medicine

    How raccoon dog DNA fits into the COVID-19 origins debate

    Did the virus that causes COVID-19 come from animals or a lab? Evidence hints at animals. Either way, we should be prepping for the next pandemic.

  10. Readers discuss grassland conservation and a hummingbird flight trick

  11. Health & Medicine

    Is aging without illness possible?

    Researchers are harnessing basic biology to develop drugs that foster healthy aging. Just don’t call them antiaging pills.

  12. Animals

    A new exhibit invites you into the ‘Secret World of Elephants’

    As elephants face survival threats, the American Museum of Natural History highlights their pivotal role in shaping landscapes — and their resilience.