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  1. three plants on a table with two microphones pointed at each

    Stressed plants make ultrasonic clicking noises

    Tomato and tobacco plants emit high frequency sounds, which could one day find a use in agriculture, as a way to detect thirsty crops.

  2. Photo of a wildlife crossing in Israel

    ‘Crossings’ explores the science of road ecology

    Ben Goldfarb talks about his new book, which looks at the science that’s helping to prevent animals from becoming roadkill.

  3. Readers discuss a subglacial cavern, how language shapes the brain and more

  4. A photo of an excavated section of a platform at a pre-Inca site in Peru.

    Pre-Inca people stomped salutes to their thunder god on a special dance floor

    Excavation of a drumlike platform in the Andes turned up a structure seemingly designed to absorb shocks and emit resonant sounds when stomped upon.

  5. Concorde supersonic jet

    Why even small sonic booms are more annoying in cities

    Quieter sonic booms from next-generation planes could still be annoying in cities thanks to narrow streets and tall buildings, simulations suggest.

  6. A simulation image of filaments and clusters shown in blue lines and pink dots.

    Astronomers spotted shock waves shaking the web of the universe for the first time

    Studying these elusive shock waves could give scientists a better look at the mysterious magnetic fields that permeate the cosmic web.

  7. An illustration of a blue person from the shoulders up with their head turned in profile and the outline of their brain. There are several different colored lines following the contour of the person.

    The classic map of how the human brain manages movement gets an update

    Functional MRI scans provide a new version of the motor homunculus, the mapping of how the primary motor cortex controls parts of the body.

  8. A photo of a radio telescope pointing toward the night sky where the milky way can be seen.

    Here’s how we could begin decoding an alien message using math

    A new mathematical approach looks for order in strings of bits – without relying on human assumptions.

  9. Sukari sits pensively by a rock in a zoo enclosure

    Zoo gorillas use a weird new call that sounds like a sneezy cough

    A novel vocalization made by the captive great apes may help them draw human attention.

  10. A close up photo of a fossilized male katydid

    Katydids had the earliest known insect ears 160 million years ago

    Fossils from the Jurassic Period show katydid ears looked identical to those of modern katydids and could pick up short-range calls.

  11. A photo of six old fashioned golden weight in a line from the smallest weight to the left and the biggest weight on the right, all on a black background

    The metric system is growing. Here’s what you need to know

    Science News spoke with a metrologist about the metric system’s latest update, which will help scientists interpret exceedingly big and small numbers.

  12. image of experimental fabric made of woven blue, green and red thread
    Materials Science

    This fabric can hear your heartbeat

    With special fibers that convert tiny vibrations to voltages, a new fabric senses sounds, letting it act as a microphone or a speaker.