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  1. Animals

    Polar bears sometimes bludgeon walruses to death with stones or ice

    Inuit reports of polar bears using tools to kill walruses were historically dismissed as stories, but new research suggests the behavior does occur.

  2. Climate

    Vikings may have fled Greenland to escape rising seas

    Vikings abandoned Greenland in the 15th century. Lower temperatures, an expanding ice sheet and rising sea levels may have played a role in their departure.

  3. Animals

    Here are 7 incredible things we learned this year that animals can do

    From wielding weapons to walking on the underside of water, these are the creature capabilities that most impressed us in 2021.

  4. Anthropology

    A surprising food may have been a staple of the real Paleo diet: rotten meat

    The realization that people have long eaten putrid foods has archaeologists rethinking what Neandertals and other ancient hominids ate.

  5. Earth

    How AI can help forecast how much Arctic sea ice will shrink

    Trained on sea ice observations and climate simulations, IceNet is 95 percent accurate in forecasting sea ice extent two months in advance.

  6. Climate

    Bering Sea winter ice shrank to its lowest level in 5,500 years in 2018

    Peat cores that record five millennia of climate shifts in the Arctic region suggest recent ice loss is linked to rising carbon dioxide levels.

  7. Climate

    How the Arctic’s poor health affects everyday life

    A new NOAA report features testimony from indigenous communities in Alaska who are weathering the impacts of Arctic warming.

  8. Environment

    A year long expedition spotlights night life in the Arctic winter

    Scientists anchored to an ice floe near the North Pole are investigating how life survives polar night and what changes will occur as the Arctic continues to warm.

  9. Climate

    What happens when the Bering Sea’s ice disappears?

    Record-low sea ice in 2018 sent ripples through the Bering Sea’s entire ecosystem. Will this be the region’s new normal?

  10. Life

    Search is on for missing pieces in puzzle of male genital diversity

    The debate over extreme diversity of male genitalia needs to rethink the female side. And the landscape.

  11. Climate

    Melting ice forces walrus detour

    Warming temperatures and shrinking summer ice cover have forced the animals to seek solid ground during feeding season.

  12. Animals

    Lacking ice, huge walrus herd congregates on Alaska shore

    A large group of walruses has hauled out on the beach near Point Lay, Alaska. The animals have been forced onto shore due to a lack of sea ice in the region.