1. Animals

    Mystery mushroomlike sea creatures get names

    Specimens of a mushroomlike animal from the sea now have a scientific name, but researchers aren’t sure what kind of animal they are.

  2. Life

    New gut-dwelling virus is surprisingly common

    It’s not clear yet whether the bacteriophage crAssphage, found in people’s intestines, has any health effects.

  3. Animals

    New subspecies of Philippine tarsier discovered

    Genetic tests settle a taxonomic debate surrounding Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates.

  4. Tech

    Robots start flat, then pop into shape and crawl

    The machines use heated hinges to transform into shape and crawl around.

  5. Animals

    New water bear species found in Antarctica

    A tiny creature called a tardigrade could shed light on how animals reached the far southern continent.

  6. Animals

    Indian frogs kick up their heels

    Some new species impress a potential mate with a dance.

  7. Animals

    New salamander stays young at heart

    A new salamander species was long mistaken for the juvenile form of another.

  8. Paleontology

    The dinosaur ‘chicken from hell’

    Fossils suggest that a supersized chickenlike reptile called Anzu wyliei roamed what are now the Dakotas roughly 67 million years ago.

  9. Microbes

    Power-packed bacterial spores generate electricity

    With mighty bursts of rehydration, bacterial spores offer a new source of renewable energy.

  10. Tech

    Jellyfish-like flying machine takes off

    Mimicking sea creatures instead of insects leads to better hovering, scientists find.

  11. Animals

    Dolphin without a name

    While splitting the dolphin family tree, researchers found a new species.

  12. Animals

    Clearly new snail

    Croatia’s deepest cave system is home to a tiny, translucent resident.