News in Brief

  1. bats

    Mice and bats’ brains sync up as they interact with their own kind

    The brain activity of mice and bats aligns in social settings, a coordination that may hold clues about how social context influences behavior.

  2. body-on-a-chip

    This body-on-a-chip mimics how organs and cancer cells react to drugs

    The multiorgan system could help test new and existing drugs for effectiveness and unwanted side effects.

  3. wheat dew

    ‘Sneezing’ plants may spread pathogens to their neighbors

    A “surface tension catapult” can fling dewdrops carrying fungal spores from water-repellent leaves.

  4. rotavirus vaccine
    Health & Medicine

    Rotavirus vaccines may lower kids’ chances of getting type 1 diabetes

    Vaccination against rotavirus is associated with a reduced incidence of type 1 diabetes in children, according to an analysis of U.S. insurance data.

  5. diamond
    Particle Physics

    Diamond detectors could aid the search for dark matter

    Elusive dark matter particles could be spotted when they slam into electrons or atomic nuclei within diamond, scientists say.

  6. Europa

    Table salt may be hiding in Europa’s underground sea

    Observations of Europa by the Hubble Space Telescope suggest that the moon’s ice-covered ocean may hold sodium chloride, or common table salt.

  7. Sinclair Lake

    Some Canadian lakes still store DDT in their mud

    Yesterday’s DDT pollution crisis is still today’s problem in some of Canada’s lakes.

  8. bat

    Bats are the main cause of rare rabies deaths in the U.S.

    In the United States, bats are mostly to blame for rabies deaths, while rabies transmitted by overseas dogs comes in second.

  9. Antilia 2 galaxy

    Astronomers may have spotted the ghost galaxy that hit the Milky Way long ago

    Astronomers think they’ve identified a galaxy that hit the Milky Way and ruffled its edges millions of years ago.

  10. danger sign

    The U.S. is still using many pesticides that are banned in other countries

    In 2016, the United States used millions of kilograms of pesticides that are banned or being phased out in the European Union, Brazil and China.

  11. woman checking patient's blood pressure
    Health & Medicine

    Medicaid-expanding states had fewer cardiovascular deaths than other states

    Counties in states with expanded Medicaid eligibility had 4.3 fewer cardiovascular deaths per 100,000 residents, on average, than if they hadn’t expanded.

  12. Russian digging site

    DNA reveals ancient Siberians who set the stage for the first Americans

    A previously unknown population of Ice Age people who traveled across Beringia was discovered in Russia.