The –est

  1. Astronomy

    The earliest known galaxy merger occurred shortly after the Big Bang

    Telescopes show two distant blobs of stars and gas swirling around each other in the young universe.

  2. Archaeology

    The oldest known astrolabe was used on one of Vasco da Gama’s ships

    A navigational device for taking altitudes at sea was found in a Portuguese shipwreck in the Arabian Sea and dates back to 1496.

  3. Archaeology

    A 2,000-year-old tattoo tool is the oldest in western North America

    The artifact is made of two pigment-stained cactus spines, and has been sitting in storage since its discovery in 1972.

  4. Animals

    A rare, ancient case of bone cancer has been found in a turtle ancestor

    A 240-million-year-old fossil reveals the oldest known case of bone cancer in an amniote, a group that includes mammals, birds and reptiles.

  5. Science & Society

    Cheese found in an Egyptian tomb is at least 3,200 years old

    Solid cheese preserved in an ancient Egyptian tomb may be the world’s oldest.

  6. Animals

    This killifish can go from egg to sex in two weeks

    The fastest known maturing vertebrate in the lab is even faster in the wild.

  7. Animals

    Each year painted lady butterflies cross the Sahara — and then go back again

    Painted ladies migrate the farthest of any butterfly.

  8. Astronomy

    Ancient spiral galaxy is 11 billion years old

    The most ancient spiral galaxy seen to date is 11 billion years old and could help reveal how galaxies sprout arms.

  9. Tech

    Meet the Bobcat Nanowagon, the world’s smallest monster truck

    Chemists are scratching their heads over the wreckage of minuscule monster trucks.

  10. Animals

    These record-breaking tube worms can survive for centuries

    Deep-sea tube worms can live decades longer than their shallow-water counterparts.

  11. Tech

    The incredible shrinking transistor just got smaller

    Tiniest transistor, made with carbon nanotubes, suggests computers aren’t done shrinking down.

  12. Tech

    New video camera captures 5 trillion frames every second

    A new camera’s record-breaking speed offers researchers a window into never-before-seen phenomena, such as combustion reactions.