The article was disappointing on two grounds. First, it was poorly researched, quoting numerous lawyers for farming interests opposed to the Endangered Species Act. Second, it failed to note that most of the growing need for water (as well as virtually all other resources) is closely linked to human population growth that is out of control. We will continue to bulldoze endangered species into oblivion until we come to grips with the cancerous growth of the human population, which underlies nearly all environmental problems that we face.

Bruce Barnbaum
Granite Falls, Wash.

As one of the Methow Valley irrigators discussed in this article, I was shocked at the highly polarized and narrow viewpoints expressed in the article. In principle at least, protecting water for salmon should also protect water resources for the greater community. Our arguments with National Marine Fisheries Service have more to do with their choice of methodology than with any quarrel over the need to protect salmon. The article should have given more attention to scientific dialogue, rather than the opinions of various attorneys and the so-called Frontiers of Freedom “think tank,” that offers no scientific rationale for its antienvironmental agenda.

George Wooten
Methow Valley Citizens Council
Twisp, Wash.