We’ve seen many expositions about the risk and danger of radiofrequency emissions from cell-phone antennae. As a bystander to the whole issue, I don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t design the phones so the antenna comes out by the mouthpiece. First, it would be a more natural location for grabbing and extending, and second, it would put the antenna out in front of the face instead of alongside the head.

Jeff Struck
Fergus Falls, Minn.

Okay, so there seem to be some effects, negative and positive, of using these devices, but so much more needs to be known. How much use leads to various effects, and how do the many confounding factors enter the equation? The preliminary research done in Sweden is an example of what we don’t need right now: uncontrolled studies. Occupational stress and ergonomic issues must be controlled or else conclusions about the casual role of phone use in producing headaches and other complaints are useless.

Marc Bekoff
Boulder, Colo.

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