You state in this article that in the last century, the average global temperature has risen about 0.6C. I suspect that most of the sensors in use today are not in the precise locations of thermometers 100 years ago. Also back then, there were wide areas of the globe that were probably not being monitored for temperature at all and many others that probably provided only sporadic readings. I find the evidence for global warming overwhelming, but the telling evidence for me is in the ice layers, glacial shrinkage, and changing distribution of flora and fauna. I have difficulty accepting the reported data on the actual “average temperature.”

Bob Holbrook
Placitas, N.M.

During a recent evening visit to a friend’s house early this spring, I noticed some June bugs flying around the outside porch light. That vision and your recent article inspired the following short poem entitled “Greenhouse Gases”:

Some people warn
the temperature is rising,
others say it’s not a sure bet.

But June bugs in April
it seems to me,
is as real as a warning can get!

John Gallo
Dallas, Texas