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2013 AAAS meeting

Highlights from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Boston, February 14-18, 2013

6:18pm, February 16, 2013

Warm waters may muscle out mussels
Warming waters make it harder for mussels to get a grip. New research shows that the tough, fibrous threads that anchor the bay mussel Mytilus trossulus to its rocky intertidal digs are 60 percent weaker in 25° Celsius waters compared with their strength at 18° C, reported Emily Carrington of the University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories. Mussels are constantly replenishing these fibers, which last about two months in winter and up to a month in summer. As the oceans warm, the range of the species may shift, or perhaps having weaker threads may mean that other species will muscle in on mussel territory, Carrington said February 16. — Rachel Ehrenberg

As the worm divides

Liang Gao and Eric Betzig/Janelia Farm; Chris Higgins and Bob Goldstein/UNC

What looks like wormhol

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