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50 Years Ago

3-D TVs are a work in need of progress

Excerpt from the June 11, 1966, issue of Science News

12:00pm, May 26, 2016
people watching a 3-D TV

NOT YET IN 3-D  Though holography has been around since the 1960s, three-dimensional television broadcasts still face technological barriers today. 

3-D Home TV Foreseen — The pace of new developments in the recently revived method of photography known as holography is so fast that three-dimensional television sets portraying life-size scenes could be a reality before 1984, as was predicted in George Orwell’s novel…. A hologram is a recording of an interference pattern reflected from an object. From this recording, the object can be reconstructed visually in a three-dimensional form. — Science News, June 11, 1966


Television viewers are still waiting for the 3-D revolution. Although 3-D TVs went on sale in the United States and elsewhere in

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