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Coffee may limit prostate cancer, plus protecting organ transplants and limiting HIV transmission in this week’s news

3:41pm, May 20, 2011

Drug limits kidney rejection
The anti-leukemia drug alemtuzumab (Campath) can lessen the risk of immune rejection in some people receiving a kidney transplant, a new study finds. But the results, published in the May 19 New England Journal of Medicine, suggest that the drug doesn’t improve prospects for the patients most prone to rejecting a transplant. Researchers at several U.S. medical facilities enrolled 139 such high-risk patients and 335 low-risk patients to get either alemtuzumab or standard drugs after a kidney transplant. Three years later, 85 percent of low-risk recipients getting alemtuzumab and 76 percent of those on standard medication had survived with no rejection. Among the high-risk group, these percentages were 76 and 70, a difference that could be due to chance. —Nathan Seppa


Drugs limit HIV transfer
By taking drugs to suppress HIV, an infe

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