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Future smart clothes could pack serious gadgetry

Whether consumers will buy in is another story

10:57am, June 1, 2018
Tech fashion show illustration

FASHION FORWARD  Fashion runways may someday showcase designs that respond to your commands, change colors or light your way.

In the future, leaving your phone charger at home will mean only one thing: You forgot to put on pants.

Just as smartphones untethered users from their desktop computers, smart clothing is poised to bring personal electronics out of our pockets and onto our sleeves.

The current generation of wearable technology that includes smart glasses and watches is still more marginal than mainstream. Google Glass fizzled out, and nearly a third of the people who buy fitness trackers lose interest over time. But gadget-packed garments may have an edge when it comes to seamless integration into our lives.

“One conference, somebody stood up and [said], ‘I get that wearable technology is a thing, but I just don’t think I’m going to be willing to get up every single day and remember to put something on,’ ” recalls wearable technology researcher Lucy Dunne. “I looked at her and said, ‘You’re wearing clothes right now. I’m

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