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Letters to the Editor


12:58pm, May 18, 2012

Information as substrate
In a recent article (“Enriched with information,” SN: 3/10/12, p. 22), you point out that some researchers consider consciousness to be a form of information. In another (“Bits of reality,” SN: 4/7/12, p. 26), you mention that increasing numbers of physicists are coming to regard information as the basic “stuff” from which our universe is made. Information as the substrate of consciousness, information as the substrate of the material universe. An interesting connection, to say the least.
Ed Subitzky, New York, N.Y.

Still learning from
Science News
Although it took me (as usual) three hours to digest your complete array of articles in the April 21 issue, I wouldn’t miss that brain stimulation for anything in the world. It’s a little like a

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