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Letters to the Editor


9:17am, July 29, 2011

Prescient sci-fi
It took the Science News editor in chief to recognize the most prescient science “fiction” movie of all time, Forbidden Planet (“Science brings real life to the technologies of fiction,” SN: 7/2/11, p. 2). Beyond civilization without instrumentalities, the film also brought us lasers before there were masers, Robby [the Robot] analyzing molecular structure to duplicate anything and multiple concepts that have come to fruition in my and Tom Siegfried’s lifetime. If only those handsets hadn’t had wires....
Tony Witlin, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Attraction and gender
Thank you for a great publication! The meeting note entitled “Familiarity breeds congeniality” (SN: 6/18/11, p. 17) raises the question as to why “men showed no signs of especially liking women who res

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