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Letters to the Editor

Readers ask about proton pressure, wearable tech and more

Your letters and comments on the June 9, 2018 issue of Science News

7:15am, July 11, 2018

Pressure gauge

The pressure inside a proton is the highest of any known substance, Emily Conover reported in “The inside of a proton endures more pressure than anything else we’ve seen” (SN: 6/9/18, p. 10).

“I don’t think it’s valid to think of pressure on a quantum level the same way we do classically,” Reddit user phazer6 wrote. Pressure relates to collections of particles, but “here we’re dealing with a single particle.… How can we possibly speak of pressure the same way in such different contexts?” phazer6 asked.

Although the proton can be thought of as a single particle, it is made up

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