Biomedical writer Aimee Cunningham is on her second tour at Science News. From 2005 to 2007, she covered chemistry, environmental science, biology and materials science for Science News.  Between stints Aimee was a freelance writer for outlets such as NPR and Scientific American Mind. She has a degree in English from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in science journalism from New York University. She received the 2019 Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism from the Endocrine Society for the article "Hormone replacement makes sense for some menopausal women."

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  1. vaping products
    Health & Medicine

    Nearly 1,300 injuries and 29 deaths in the U.S. have been tied to vaping

    As the investigation continues, health officials expect multiple causes will be behind the ever-growing number of vaping-related lung injuries.

  2. William Kaelin, Gregg Semenza and Peter Ratcliffe
    Health & Medicine

    Discovery of how cells sense oxygen wins the 2019 medicine Nobel

    Understanding the molecular switch that lets cells cope with oxygen has implications for everything from metabolism to wound healing.

  3. measles vaccine
    Health & Medicine

    The U.S. narrowly eked out a measles win, keeping elimination status

    The risk of measles, while low in the United States, still remains due to undervaccinated areas and international travelers importing the virus.

  4. Michelle O’Malley

    Michelle O’Malley seeks greener chemistry through elusive fungi

    Michelle O’Malley studies anaerobic gut fungi, microbes that could help make chemicals and fuels from sustainable sources.

  5. vape cartridge

    Vaping-related illness reports have surged to 805 from 46 U.S. states

    Twelve people have now died from lung injuries tied to e-cigarettes, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds.

  6. measles vaccines
    Health & Medicine

    Rockland’s measles outbreak is over, but U.S. elimination status is still at risk

    Officials in Rockland County in New York announced that their measles outbreak, which began October 1 of last year, is finally finished.

  7. vaping
    Health & Medicine

    1 in 4 U.S. high school seniors has vaped recently — up 4.5 percentage points from 2018

    A 2019 survey finds the number of high school and middle school students who report using e-cigarettes recently continues to grow.

  8. ultrasound baby
    Health & Medicine

    Air pollution can reach the placenta around a developing baby

    A small study of women living in Belgium found soot embedded in their placental tissue.

  9. guy vaping

    Vaping is suspected in a fifth death and hundreds of injuries

    U.S. health officials can’t yet point to a substance or device that’s behind a rising number of severe lung injuries and deaths tied to e-cigarettes.

  10. Vaping materials
    Health & Medicine

    An Illinois patient’s death may be the first in the U.S. tied to vaping

    Officials have announced one death among nearly 200 patients with severe lung illnesses that are potentially related to vaping.

  11. vaping
    Health & Medicine

    Vaping may have sent 153 people to hospitals with severe lung injuries

    In the last two months, 16 U.S. states have reported 153 people hospitalized with lung injuries that may be tied to vaping.

  12. blood pressure
    Health & Medicine

    High blood pressure throughout middle age may increase the risk of dementia

    A pattern of high blood pressure during midlife followed by high or low readings in one’s golden years is linked to dementia.