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  1. Golden Eggs: Engineered hens lay drugs

    Researchers have genetically engineered hens that can not only produce useful drugs in their eggs but also reliably pass on this characteristic to new generations of chickens.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Nanoparticles find tumors, form clumps

    Newly designed nanoparticles could have dual benefits in the fight against cancer.

  3. Agriculture

    Cloned Meat and Milk Are Safe, but They Won’t Hit Stores Soon

    A Food and Drug Administration analysis concludes that food from cloned animals is safe, but the effort and expense involved in creating these animals means that products from them won't be in markets anytime soon.

  4. Genes discovered for sensing carbon dioxide

    Researchers have tracked down a pair of genes that, together, seem responsible for some insects' ability to sense carbon dioxide.

  5. Stem cells float in amniotic fluid

    Scientists have discovered a new type of stem cell in the fluid that bathes fetuses in the womb.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Better Blood: New tool removes agent of brain disease

    Scientists have developed a device that filters from blood the mutant proteins that cause the human form of mad cow disease, an advance that may hold promise for increasing the safety of donated blood.

  7. Not so Silent: Mutation alters protein but not its components

    A single swap in the letters of a gene's sequence could modify the protein it encodes, even if it doesn't change which amino acids make up the molecule.

  8. Restricting calories keeps immune system young

    Drastic limits on calorie consumption starting early in a monkey’s life seemed to delay aging of the animal’s immune systems in new research. Numerous studies have found that calorie restriction can extend the life span of organisms such as yeast, worms, fruit flies, and mice. However, scientists don’t know how caloric restriction lengthens life. Janko […]

  9. Feel No Pain, for Real: Mutation appears to underlie rare sensation disorder in a Pakistani family

    Scientists have tracked down a genetic mutation that makes some members of an unusual family unable to feel pain.

  10. Stem cells from bone marrow make new fat

    Some body fat comes from stem cells that migrate out of bone marrow.

  11. Humans

    Peer Review under the Microscope

    The traditional method for communicating results of scientific research could get its biggest facelift in hundreds of years.

  12. Health & Medicine

    A Toast to Healthy Hearts: Wine compounds benefit blood vessels

    Researchers have identified a class of compounds in red wine that might be responsible for much of the beverage's cardiovascular benefit.